Pedigree Quarter Horses

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our Quarter Horse Stallions

Horses for Sale in Manitoba

Louis Godard and Lucille Verstraeten of Lazy Lou Ranch (Holland Manitoba - 1981) are amongst Manitoba's top breeders of Pedigree Performance Quarter Horses.

"..we have always aimed to produce horses that have size, bone, disposition, and the versatility to have a range of uses, from pleasure riding to performing."

We have concentrated on a breeding program with bloodlines that have proven their ability to pass on their genetics through their offspring. The majority of our mares are our own home-grown stock. We have always introduced stallions that will enhance the traits of our mares.

For the 2016 breeding season, we will stand six Registered Quarter Horse Stallions, PC Frosty Red, Nu Partender Chex, Pretty Mega Jac Blue, Sak Em In Cash, LL Peppy Chex Frost and Heza Windchester Guy.

our herd of horses gather at the waters edge

Horses -Mare and Colt

Each year we have registered quarter horse foals for sale through our annual production sale held in September at David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd., Listowel, Ontario.

As members of the
North American Equine Ranching Information Council, we are able to nominate our foals for the Naeric Advantage Fund. At sanctioned events this enables exhibitors earning only ribbons or points through breed-approved shows to earn Advantage dollars. 

Pedigree Quarter Horses

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